Boutique London Hotels Best Choice For Travellers

Planning for a trip to London means having a great time, there are many attractions, and sights to visit and enjoy and you will be surprised to note that the time is passing so quickly. The only thing that you have to plan is to look for a comfortable as well as a relaxing place to stay. You have the option to stay in one of the boutiques London’s hotels so that your experience is beyond an ordinary holiday.

These hotels are unique from the common range of international hotels found in every city. The hotels are different and are meant for those who want to have a pleasurable stay with luxury and comfort. The best boutique hotels in London have luxurious rooms with all the modern facilities like Wi-Fi connections, pools, restaurants and bars and other indoor sports facilities. The staffs are very competent and personal attention is given to all the guests in these types of hotels. The business travellers prefer to stay in such hotels as they get all the facilities they require. Moreover, these hotels do not charge exorbitant rates as some people think.

The boutique hotels in London give intimate ambiance and fabulous decor at very reasonable rates. These hotels also provide impressive services. One such hotel is the Hyde Park Premier Hotel located in the busy streets of London. The rooms of this hotel are small but are just warm, comfortable and luxurious for an overnight stay. The main problems in these hotels are that they are very small and there is no lift or escalators. If you are wearied of taking stairs, then it is best to avoid staying in such hotels. The hotels are mostly in good location, with a quiet environment having friendly staff with clean and refreshing ambiance. However, there is generally free WiFi connection, and you have the facility of ordering a full English breakfast.

In general the small boutique hotels do not have parking space for cars. This is a very big disadvantage for those who have a car. If you are not travelling by your own vehicle, then you won’t have any problems as the hotels are located near public transport and local train stations. Boutique Hotels offer an additional warm experience than the large brand hotels, and are often much more luxurious. The standard of service is more personalized along with a remarkable customer service.

Baglioni London Hotel is another luxurious boutique hotel that gives a touch of Italian style to the London life. It is situated in a very peaceful and prime area as it overlooks Kensington Gardens. This boutique hotel has 66 rooms, which are decorated according to the themes. The designs are based on music, art and history that make it very attractive for those who are interested in culture. It is the perfect place to relax while holidaying in London.

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